Dating george lopez

Long time ago he commenced his career and after a hard time he became a successful comedian.

He got fame due to his super hits comedy seasons, thus now he is in the top list of funny man.

" Your fav rapper: "fucking on ya bitch she a thot thot" Y'all: ZNDVm — og rob.

(@Latina Gawd) February 8, 2017 Of course mfs wanna defend George Lopez there's never a problem when a black woman is being disrespected lol it's just jokes let's all laugh W — New Keyblade Who Dis?

In the pilot of George Lopez’s new TV Land comedy, Lopez, he is asked: “Do you ever do anything without your name in the title? Angelenos will get a kick out of seeing former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa getting confused for a valet parker — by you! About a year ago, we shot a production pilot and he was in it and then he did it again this time. The first one he was good too, but when he says pendejo [slang for dumbass] both times, it is really funny. And then I called him and I went out to dinner with him and I nailed it down. That actually happened to me a couple times so I decided to put it in. So if you’re gonna be honest, then use it to be honest. When you were thinking about the show, were you thinking it would work better on cable? There’s not a lot of places on network TV, and I don’t think network TV is the first option anymore, you know? And with being able to watch it on an app, on your phone, it’s ridiculous. It hasn’t been that long since your show was on ABC. I’m more playing me than I was playing an actor playing me.

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We came to know that Serrano was the one who filed for the case of divorce.

That’s why, it was suggested by his doctors that he is in the need of an organ transplant. Many people are still thinking that how can divorce that person who has given you the kidney and who has saved your life? Twelve years ago, this kidney donation was done and everyone thought that there will be no other way, through whicn Lopez will be able to repay back to his wife.

But their 17 years of marriage turned out to be a disaster.

Watch the footage below: Tbh George Lopez's joke about not dating a black person is a rule in the Latin community wasn't him being racist.

That's very much so true — local crack dealer (@wholesomeaf) February 8, 2017 George Lopez: *tells joke & calls woman a bitch"Y'all: "preposterous!


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