Dating pre 64 winchesters

Click for more info Exceptional custom rifle built by Clayton Nelson on a pre 64 Winchester action.

Clayton Nelson is a instructor at the Trinidad School Of Gunsmithing. Click for more info Very nice custom rifle on a pre 64 model 70 action, with beautiful English Walnut Stock with a skeleton pistol grip cap and ebony forend tip.

Click for more info Winchester M70 Pre-64 target rifle,222 Rem.

Rechambered from 22 Hornet,.223 Bore,1-16 twist,24" Target Barrel,fit to an Original Varmint Stock, Bolt and Reciever #'s Match,95% Bluing, Original ...

"Restoration," even by a competent gunsmith, will only REDUCE any value. Restoration done well puts your gun in a different market.

My general thoughts are, if the gun is something special (Billy the Kid owned it, Teddy Roosevelt shot something with it, etc.) then restoration is a terrible idea, leave it alone.

Winchester Model 70 Rifle Barrel: To create the initial barrels the blanks are: First: Drilled to the proper diameter, depending on caliber, honed to a high polish smoothness along the entire length, then rifled using the hammer forging process which uses a mandrel and huge pressures generated by hammers in the machine, which creates absolute precise, and accurate rifling.

Second: They are then taken to a station consisting of three CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines overseen by one expert operator.

Anyone interested in doing a featured display should contact the Business Office or any director.

At the first station the barrel blank is turned to the correct profile (taper).

The turned barrel is moved to the next machine which precisely cuts the target crown into the muzzle.

Winchester Model 54 rifles were the first successful bolt action sporting rifles manufactured by Winchester and were available from 1925 up until the Model 70s began appearing on dealers racks in 1937.

The model 54 was really a form of sporterized Mauser and lacked refinements being sought by the bolt action minded sportsmen.


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