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So instead of crying over the spilled milk one needs to find ways to recover or salvage.

After going through several case studies I thought of putting these steps together so that a victim knows what should be his/her immediate action when someone steals money from the bank account.

Some are preparing for the collapse of the economy.

Others are extremely concerned about the potential for crippling natural disasters andcatastrophic earth changes.

It worked for a little while, but not a long while!

Before Copernican heliocentric indoctrination any child will look up at the sky and notice that the sun, moon, and stars all revolve around a stationary Earth.

All empirical evidence from our perspective clearly shows that we are fixed and everything rotates around us.

" Right up through the 20th century many attempts have been made to try and prove that heliocentricity is true and geocentricity is false.

All such attempts have failed and only reinforced geocentricity.


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