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I'm here to meet girls from 25 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.I have just moved to Slovakia after living 13 years in Indonesia. I firmly believe that life is meant to be lived and not wasted.Also, no offense intended, but if you are a very religious person and expect your future boyfriend/husband to change for you, please skip my profile.I am anti-theist and will never follow any kind of religious silliness.

After their 2009 demo and split album Clash Of The Primitives – the splendid platter from 2013 with cowpunkabillies The Grave Brothers – they set sail to The Yellow Tape in Ghent for authentic analog recordings.A mash-up of 1950s rockabilly and 1970s punk with a horror B-movie aesthetic, it was loud, lairy and silly, which is hugely attractive when you're a loud, lairy, silly 14-year-old.Deliberately eschewing both the political agenda of punk and the fussy rules of the rockabilly revivalists, psychobilly was all, and only, about having fun.If you're into art, music, coffee, and having fun, lets get together.If you want a relationship, NON-SMOKERS ONLY please.There is much debate as to who invented it, but as with all musical genres there were a few pioneers independently experimenting with similar ideas at around the same time.


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